06 December 2013


If you haven't noticed there haven't been any updates for a long time. I gave the duplicator to Crawf over at Planted Tapes (http://plantedtapes.blogspot.com/) so go support those guys. I'll be giving away the last of the BPG stock at the Sidewinder on December 20th for the Kevin Greenspon show.


It was a good run while it lasted. Thanks to all the bands and people that helped make this happen.


22 January 2013

We no longer do international shipping

Sorry everyone, due to price increases, international shipping is no longer an option. If you order something and are not in the US I will refund your money. Sorry again for the inconvenience. -TW

15 June 2011

Split Series Vol. 2 Release Party!

This Friday is the release party for Safe Boating is No Accident & SAUNA: BPG Split Series Vol. 2!!!! It's at the Old Curtis Street bar (2100 Curtis St.) starting at 9pm and also features local group Sparkler Bombs and Milwaukee's own River Water Tribe. We'll have the entire BPG store there so bring your dollars to get some great tapes and to enjoy some great tunes.

More details on Facebook. June 17th / $5 (21+) / $10 (18+) / 9PM / 2100 Curtis St.

01 June 2011

New Store & My First Band Pre-order

As of today we have officially switched to our own in-site store (no more bigcartel). Just click on the big "Store" link on the top bar of this site. To celebrate, I have put My First Band up for pre-order. These tapes should ship on or before June 9th.

29 May 2011

BPG006 - My First Band

Here's the low-down on our next release: a collaboration with Hot Congress! It will be out June 9th and there's already a release party scheduled.

About the Release:

What kind of music were your favorite Denver musicians making when they first started? My First Band answers that question. Spanning genres from pop-punk to minimalist electronica, this compilation is a slice of the Denver underground music scene's adolescence. Most striking is the degree to which some artists began with a developed sound and, conversely, how far some artists have evolved. The release is curated by Eric Peterson and is being released jointly by Buckingham Pie Group and Hot Congress.

The compilation will be released on limited edition cassette and digital download on June 9th. A release party will be held (fittingly) at a house show on the corner of 2nd and Lipan. Bands performing include Nathan & Stephen, Hindershot, and others TBA.

Notable Stories:

Straight Outta Junior High was Stuart Confer (of Hindershot)'s first band. They started playing in basements at house parties and accidentally turned into a nationally touring act. The band still exists today (sans Confer), touring and releasing albums.

In Vitro was Zach Tipton (of Young Coyotes/I Am the Dot)'s first band. It was while Zach toured with In Vitro that he met Adam Halferty with whom he went on to start Young Coyotes.

Corey Teruya's first band was effectively Hello Kavita. He wrote songs with the primary intent of working on recording techniques for school. Though he had no legitimate plans of forming a band, the demo he recorded was heard by then House of Blues Regional VP Jason Miller. Miller encouraged Teruya to start taking his songwriting seriously and to get a band together which, after a few name/lineup changes, eventually became Hello Kavita.

Current bands represented on this release:

Candy Claws, Young Coyotes, Houses, Hello Kavita, Hearts of Palm, Hindershot, Fingers of the Sun, Sun Red, A Mouthful of Thunder, Amazing Twin, The Don'ts and Be Carefuls, Girls Walk By, and Roger, Roll.


1. Turn-Based Battle - Standing Still

Featuring Patrick Kelly of Amazing Twin / Hindershot

2. In Vitro - Wrecking Ball

Featuring Zach Tipton of I Am the Dot / Young Coyotes

3. Corey Teruya - Something So True

This is just Corey from Hello Kavita

4. Winderous Igloos - Minutes Past

Featuring Jonathan Alonzo of Paean / Sour Boy, Bitter Girl

5. Catatonic Lydia - Plexiglass Eyes

Featuring Suzi Bromfield of Girls Walk By / Fingers of the Sun

6. Pick Up Those Pieces - Criminals and Sleeping Pills

Featuring Eric Peterson of Roger, Roll / Houses

7. Straight Outta Junior High - Toyota Van

Featuring Stuart Confer of Hindershot / Amazing Twin

8. Imperial Death Parade - Disco Dancer

Featuring Stephen Till of A Mouthful of Thunder / Hearts of Palm

9. Pungent Judy - Pictures

Featuring Nathan Barsness of Fingers of the Sun

10. The Scud Poets - Billy You're Still Neat

Featuring Jeremiah Jones of Sun Red

11. Bread is Toast - Avalon Body Shop

Featuring Luke Hunter James-Erickson of The Don'ts and Be Carefuls